1. Timewaster
    Lime Crush

  2. Ohrfeigenlandschaft

  3. Scorpio Scorpio
    Cliquey Bitches

  4. Kohlhaas / I Surrender

  5. Prvo Lice Množine / J.R.K.

  6. Sloboda Kretanja / Umorna Lica

  7. Fest
    La Sabotage

  8. Sub Divide
    Lime Crush

  9. Dummy b/w Blowhard
    Dubais And The Wolfs

  10. Snakes On The Phone
    Kristy And The Kraks

  11. Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari

  12. Rabengasse / Mad
    La Sabotage

  13. Alte Sau / Lime Crush Split
    Alte Sau / Lime Crush

  14. Cry Baby
    Cry Baby

  15. Bad Person

  16. Lime Crush
    Lime Crush

  17. Zur Situation Von Konstruktionen
    Les Trucs

  18. Dot Dash
    Dot Dash

  19. Fettkakao Sampler 2014

  20. The New Ones? / National Eagles

  21. Rear-View Mirror
    Crazy Bitch In A Cave

  22. What, Colour?
    Just Friends and Lovers

  23. Talea

  24. This Tune
    Just Friends and Lovers

  25. Eat Skull
    Mile Me Deaf

  26. Playdate

  27. Weekend

  28. Gurlfriends

  29. Swing Back To Me
    Mile Me Deaf

  30. Fettkakao Sampler 2011

  31. Amsterdam
    Stefanie Sourial

  32. Sex Jams / Les Trucs Split
    Sex Jams / Les Trucs

  33. People Lying Around In Dirt Every Day

  34. Schmankerl Der Schöpfung
    Stimmgewitter Augustin & Seven Sioux

  35. Albino Rabbits
    Brooke's Bedroom

  36. Three Gorges In A Cuckoos Egg
    A Thousand Fuegos

  37. Julie Had A Brother
    Sex Jams

  38. Macht's Gut Ihr Idioten

  39. On Our Way Home Is Nowhere
    Sex Jams

  40. Ilsebill

  41. Hungover Kingdom
    Seven Sioux

  42. A Thousand Fuegos
    A Thousand Fuegos

  43. Last Days Of Happiness
    Brooke's Bedroom

  44. Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes
    A Thousand Fuegos

  45. We Are Not The Scared People
    Seven Sioux

  46. Hard To Mend

  47. Argue Again
    Seven Sioux

  48. Days In Favoriten
    8 Hours Manatee

  49. Sinsweetime
    Lonely Drifter Karen

  50. Short Attention Span
    Vortex Rex


Fettkakao Wien, Austria

Record label based in Vienna, Austria

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